Friday, January 17, 2020

Organizational Culture and Personal Values Essay

Job satisfaction and job performance are interrelated topics, which are derived from individual personal values, (Iaffaldano & Muchinsky, 1985). Organizations can use specific processes to shape employee values, which will reflect the desired work culture of the organization. The development of values will shape the culture of an organization and increase job satisfaction and job performance. Personal values deal with the end states of our existence or the ultimate goals that people wish to achieve in their lives, (Duvasula, Lyonski &Madhavi, 2011). These values act as guidelines in an employee’s job performance, job satisfaction and decision making processes. The development of personal values is rooted in experience. As employees navigate their careers their own personal values evolve as a result of the unique experiences differing career fields offer. Organizations can use these heuristic experiences to develop within their employees, their own set of values. The use of lea dership development programs enable organizations to shape their employee’s motivations and attitude to align with the values selected by the organization, (Dennis & Cynthia, 1998). By developing specific values within their employees the organization can tailor their individual working culture and customer experience. After completing the Work Personality Index, (Psychometrics Canada Ltd, 2011-2012), I found the development of my own personal values has been shaped by my experiences within my career field. The daily challenges, which are presented within my field of work, coupled with institutional leader development have aligned my personal values along with the organizational values of my employer. This values alignment has created a greater job performance and job satisfaction in me. Program development which guide employees in the development of their personal values to mirror organization values create a culture of adaptation a growth. This culture can provide a more satisfying work environment and customer experience.  Furthermore, personal values are ever changing within individuals. These adaptations are a result of heuristic experiences. Job satisfaction and job performance are directly related to individual personal values. Organizations can use this relationship to develop an organiza tional culture which promotes a specific set of values within their employees. Organizations who cultivate values will see an increase in employee satisfaction and loyalty. References: Dennis, T. J., & Cynthia, D. S. (1998). How to link personal values with team values. Training & Development, 52(3), 24-30. Retrieved from Durvasula, S., Lysonski, S., & A.D. Madhavi. (2011). Beyond service attributes: Do personal values matter? The Journal of Services Marketing, 25(1), 33-46. doi: Iaffaldano, M. T., & Muchinsky, P. M. (1985). Job satisfaction and job performance: A meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin, 97(2), 251-273. doi: Psychometrics Canada Ltd, 2011-2012 Work Personality Index Retrieved from:

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